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Best part of your site is good look with better management of texture color and other UI related issue, and who knows better than dreamworld websolution. My website UI design is created with lots of thing keep in mind wh ... read more
dushyant gadewal
Great team work hard to deliver the best possible.I worked closely with them to develop my site and fully satisfied with thier overall work and support will highly recommends. ... read more
Dream World Web Solutions gives the best after sales support & service online even though we are not located in India. ... read more
Great team to work with, good support and they understand travel 'hotel industry's requirement quite well. ... read more
Vikas Gupta
Dream World Web Solutions and his team are the best! I have a strong personality and can be very demanding (and a bit obsessive). Any other web designer would have been driven mad, but I was treated with the utmost respe ... read more
Sanjay Kumar
Dream World Web Solutions delhi have just completed what I believe to be the best website work we have ever had done. The site looks great and the shopping cart has more features than we expected. All product weight is c ... read more
Surendra Kumar
Dream World Web Solutions did a great job for us. They were very responsive and worked fast to complete our project. As a technology professional, I was very demanding of the quality of work we received and Dream World W ... read more
Avinash kumar

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DWWS India anounce 10% discount on every product...

Planning your site? Target customers and needs...

Google introduces Site hierarchy display in search results...

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DWWS India anounce 10% discount on every product Posted on : 01Jan. 2010

Planning your website? Target your customers and needs effectively Posted on : 11 Nov. 2009

Behind every successful website factors like creativity, branding, crisp and error free content writing is obviously important, but a careful planning is another factor that cannot be overlooked.

No matter, whether you are developing a simple online brochure or a high-budget e-commerce website, a little ground work can always be very helpful to focus your project, especially on-schedule and in-budget. Below are some of the most valuable points, which should be taken in account before you start work on your website and look for true web solutions.

Figure out your requirements
For a successful online project or website, you must have a clear idea about its overall goals and objectives. As a result, listing specific primary objectives and needs can actually help you a lot. You should target different aspects, which can help your organisation to achieve its short and long-term objectives, such as advertise a service, attract clients, report results, increase your visibility etc.

Your website should be enough to provide complete information related to your product and services. This in turn will reduce time spend on answering phone calls, collaborate geographically-diverse associates on projects and reduce the amount of money spent on conveying information by post. Although there can be numerous objectives for the site, but prime focus should be one and targeted properly.

Identifying the target audience
Before starting a website development you must know the category of the audience you want to target. Targeting every online visitor is impossible, so the best thing you can do is to know your target audience and then target them. Below are few important categories that you can consider:

Already existing customers - Working on existing customers can always be an excellent yet challenging way to maintain reliability among your already existing customers.

Soon-to-be customers - People who are not aware of your product or service can be a great way to enhance the establishment of your company's credibility. A superior website can help in attracting new customers with 'experience' and 'professionalism'.

Your competitors' customers - It is another way to enhance your business by routing people to you from your competitors.

Experts in a specific field- If you are planning to target those customers who are experts based on particular and respective fields like engineering or teaching then your website should clearly mirror the interests and needs of those professionals.

Apart from choosing a group you must also check for your online visitors' age or geographical area or any of their distinguishing qualities. Considering these factors, you can aim your target customers and develop a good user-interactive website.

Figure out your customers' need
When you are done with your target audience the next thing you should do is figure out your customers' demands. Your online customer might be Internet savvy or even unaware of your service. Consequently, you need to determine how you should present your information of your services. In order to present information regarding your service you must take on the easiest and the most effective method. Online visitor does not like to spend their time on reading lengthy content, so keep your information simple, relevant, clear and concise.

No doubt, to build a successful website you need to work hard and put lots of effort. By following above mentioned tips you can get valuable help to make your website fruitful which in turn can help in presenting and promoting your online presence and business to different level. With these simple tips in mind you can make your website more synchronised, informative and target right customers.

Google introduces Site hierarchy display in search results Posted on : 30 Sep. 2009

We have always been impressed and inspired by the kind of improvements Google used to make in its search technologies, the way it represents information and features it innovates for a better user experience.

Improvements in representing site in search results is one of its another such innovation. Earlier Google used to show a green web address or URL at the bottom of each search result, but now Google will be replacing it with a hierarchy for the actual location of the page on the website similar to what we used to represent as a 'breadcrumb navigation' on our site. However the changes have not taken place completely, but they have started figuring out and will be available globally very soon.

As per the SEO friendly concept, the URLs should be including keywords to refer the kind of information the page is delivering and how it is categorized in the site hierarchy. These kinds of web addresses help you to understand the structure of the site better.

But in case of such URLs that are too long, too short, or too obscure to add useful information, representing the desired page in a Hierarchical form sounds better.

The new URL display feature by Google will represent the URL "http://www.bacp.co.uk/information/education/" with the new site hierarchy display as:

This new feature from Google will enable the users to analyze the destination page and figure out the extent of desired information he would be getting by visiting that webpage.

Google adds, "By analyzing site breadcrumbs, we've been able to improve the search snippet for a small percentage of search results, and we hope to expand in the future."

As a Google's regular users, we are very much convinced with this innovation by Google, it definitely will improve the way the sites are represented and also delivers new ways to explore content.

Save on hiring Dedicated Web Resources, Hire Virtual IT team Posted on : 19 June 2009

Hiring dedicated resources have become the necessity of small businesses as well as large corporate these days. With the substantial benefits of hiring offshore experts over inhouse teams, idea of creating offshore IT office or team is emerging in demand for cost saving and utilizing pool of expertise.

Dream World Web Solutions has been incorporating this service for many years and has proven its capability in handling dedicated project development. Along with project managers, dedicated designers, e-commerce website developers, PHP programmers, SEO / SEM experts, PPC managers, 3D Animators and Content writers are available for full time.

Dedicated resources used to be inline with offshore clients via chat and email support. If you want to design a website as per your business needs and want it to get progressed as and how you like, then the best option would be to hire an expert designer and get the job done under your supervision. This concept has proven to be most preferable because every business has its own needs & vision and a designer when focused completely with your requirements moving ahead as your instructions can produce better results.

For a business oriented website, you need a designer, a developer and an internet marketer for complete progressive development. Businesses are orienting themselves in hiring a complete virtual IT team with all these expertise incorporated. Obviously, itís most beneficial choice for many reasons.

One, you get one whole team that would be dedicated for a single project or group of projects and would deliver more focused results together with a better coordination and fulfillment of needs that relates. Two, you will get an advantage on cost as compared to hiring single professional from a particular organization. Three, you do not need to share your valuable time in handling different resources at different time, you can hire a project manager as well that will play your role in your place.

With this vision in mind, Dream World Web Solutions has come with an excellent idea of giving opportunity to the offshore clients to hire virtual IT office at their premises. Huge saving of up to 20% can be made on hiring dedicated teams.

"We have been delivering dedicated services since many years and have built a sound relationship with our clients. We got this idea when we were getting requirements of more dedicated resources for the next level of website development. Like after designing, client seeks a need of a dedicated developer following with the need of dedicated content writer and SEO expert. We thought why not combine experts from Designing, Website development, SEO and Content writing and build their team to deliver services on the project basis. And we are happy to see that clients are appreciating this idea, says the Business Manager, Dream World Web Solutions.

He added, "We found the occasion of our auspicious festival Diwali as the perfect time to announce this offer. In the coming festival season we are planning to launch more such special offers and packages".

Get Domain & Hosting Free with Web Designing Packages Posted on : 22 March. 2009